Hair, Hair Loss and Propecia

  • What is Propecia?

It is the pill that treats loss of hair mainly on the top and middle scalp area in males. It is an oral medicine which needs to be taken everyday no matter with a meal or without it. It does not matter whether you consume the medicine during the day or night but make sure that you follow the guidelines mentioned by the doctor. This medicine is designed for men only and women should totally avoid it.

  • What is the important information about Propecia that one should know about?

This medicine is used for treating the male pattern hair loss at the vertex and in the mid scalp region. Women who are pregnant or who are going to become pregnant should not consume Propecia as the active ingredients might cause abnormalities in the sex organs of the male baby. Moreover, few men experience some sexual side effects. The medicine can also affect a test of blood known as PSA done for detecting cancer.

  • How should I take Propecia?

Every medicine should be taken according to the way prescribed by the doctor. When a doctor prescribes Propecia for you, he will also tell you about the way it should be consumed. You should not change the dose of the medicine by yourself. Men suffering from a hair loss should consume a single Propecia tablet once everyday. It can be taken with food or without it. For fruitful results, one should continue consuming Propecia for at least a time period of three months. Propecia produces beneficial results if they are consumed for a long time period. Continuous use of the medicine is recommended by the doctor to enjoy its benefits.

  • What are the things one should know before taking Propecia?

There are few things that a person consuming Propecia should be aware of before having it. This medicine should not be consumed by a kid or a woman. Finasteride gets absorbed in the skin and can cause harm to women and children. Thus, it is suggested that women and children should not consume this medication. To ensure that you can safely consume Propecia, inform your physician if you experience any of these conditions:

1. Problem while urinating

2. Prostate cancer

3. Liver disease

If you are among those who are allergic to dutasteride, you should not use Propecia. The use of this medicine can increase the danger of causing prostate cancer. If a woman comes in contact with Propecia tablet, she should immediately wash the specific area with water and soap.

  • Does Propecia produce any side effects?

All of us know that all the prescribed medicines cause side effects. Some are less dangerous whereas some are more. Some of the side effects caused by Propecia are lack of curiosity in sex, swelling in the different body parts, headache, feeling like you may lose your life, rashes in the skin, problem while ejaculating, tenderness in the breasts and many more. As soon as one suffers from any of the side effects mentioned here, you should immediately consult your doctor.